Offering real world experience by operating a real bank in a K-8 school, using real money.

Teach students at a young age the value of saving.

A curricular driven program teaching about compound and simple interest, The Federal Reserve, banking jobs, budgeting, and the stock market.


Established in 1995


Program Results

The Banking on Kids program was initiated in 1995 by Dr. Ed Anhalt. This program is designed to help teach elementary and/or middle school students (and their parents) to become better money managers.

The program allows local banks to help sponsor neighborhood elementary and middle schools by opening student-run banks within the school, and allowing students to create savings accounts which become interest bearing after they reach $10.00. Students in the upper grades are appointed officers of the bank, and the student-run bank is open once a week for monetary transactions.

Within five years of the program being in operation, the following results were found:



of all students in the schools opened a savings account



of students reach the required $10 within one school year,enabling them to start earning interest on their individual account



of the students leaving the elementary school continue to conduct business with the bank when they enter their new middle or high school

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Teaching students to be fiscally prudent by operating "student-run banks" in their K-8th grade schools




“On January 27th 1995, a whole new world opened for me, and for elementary school children everywhere. The first Kids Own Bank was born. I really did not know what to expect from this venture. To my amazement and delight it was a huge success, as Wisconsin elementary school children were learning about banking and saving money. I had expected the bank to be busy for a few weeks and then die down, but what happened was just the opposite, it kept growing and growing..”

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